Say Thank You to Hilton Worldwide for Protecting Sharks

Hilton SharkWe’re excited to let you know that Hilton Worldwide announced that it will stop serving shark fins and stop accepting new orders for shark fin dishes by April 1, 2014. We’d like to thank Hilton for making this important decision, and hope you will too.

An estimated 100 million sharks are killed every year. A majority of these deaths are caused by a practice known as finning, in which a shark’s fins are sliced off before its body is tossed back into the water, where it will die. In fact, the demand for shark fins is so high that it is one of the greatest threats to shark populations worldwide.

The ban covers all restaurants and food and beverage facilities operated by Hilton Worldwide’s 96 owned and managed properties across Asia Pacific. It’s nice to know that Hilton Worldwide cares enough to help protect sharks. Will you join us in thanking Hilton Worldwide and applauding its efforts to no longer support shark finning?


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